This is a image of a teacher and student/user. The teacher is blue and the student is green.

Step-by-step instructions on using I-Connect

I-Connect Quickstart Guide

    The above presentation will walk you through: 
                        • Creating a Mentor account for yourself (min. 7:36).
                        • Creating Student accounts (min. 9:40).
                        • View Students Self-Monitoring experience (min. 13:20).
                        • Weekly Student-Mentor Meeting (min. 14:23). 

    Quick Start Supports

    I-Connect Implementation Checklist

    The Implementation checklist is a list for educators to use for student training, implementation and progress monitoring meetings

    I-Connect Implemenation Checklists

    Student Training Deck

    The Student Training Slide Deck used in addition to the implementation checklist is used as a supplemental support for students who require more explicit instruction. 

    Student Training Slide Deck