This is a image of a teacher and student/user. The teacher is blue and the student is green.

I-Connect for the Classroom

If you want to use I-Connect as a 1-to-1 intervention in your classroom, you are in the right place!

I-Connect can also be a powerful component of system-wide interventions like School-Wide PBIS, MTSS, or Autism Resource Teams, to learn more about this model visit our District tab.

What is I-Connect?

I-Connect is a technology-based self-monitoring system that helps students to change their own behavior. I-Connect simplifies the self-monitoring process by providing a mobile app, for students to self-monitor a target behavior on, and also the I-Connect Portal that allows both the teacher and student to track progress. To get started using I-Connect, you (the teacher) need to register yourself as a Mentor in the I-Connect Portal. Once you’ve created your account, you will need to create an account for your student(s).

If multiple educators in your school are using or wanting to use I-Connect, you should consider looking at our District tab as it provides structure for implementing I-Connect as a team. 

What is self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring encourages students to set and track goals and adjust their behavior to meet those goals. Self-monitoring is a student directed intervention and is one of the central features of self-management. Self-monitoring with I-Connect empowers students to change their own behavior.

Understanding prompts, intervals, and goals.

An I-Connect prompt is the message that pops up onto the I-Connect screen on the students’ device, the prompt is a positive question about the target behavior that is being addressed using I-Connect. There are several built-in prompt options to choose from, as well as the capability to create custom prompts that are unique to the learner’s needs.

When using I-Connect, an interval is the length of time between each monitoring prompt. In the portal, the interval length is completely customizable to your student’s needs, it can span from 30 seconds to 45 minutes (or more) and can be adjusted at anytime.

I-Connect goals refer to the number of times the student is responding “yes” to the prompt, meaning the number of times the student is demonstrating the target behavior when the prompt occurs. For example, a student and mentor may decide that the goal for the week is the student will be on-task during 70% of the times a prompt appear during Math

this is an image of an example prompt, interval, and goal that could be set up in the I-Connect portal for a student to use while self-monitoring

What skills or behaviors can I target with I-Connect?

Self-monitoring with I-Connect can be used to target a range of behaviors across a variety of settings. Some examples include:

  • Are you on-task?
  • Are your hands to yourself?
  • Are you being a good listener?
  • Do you need to check in with the teacher?