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What is I-Connect?

I-Connect is a technology-based self-monitoring system that supports Student users to independently increase on-task behaviors and classroom engagement. The technology-based system includes the I-Connect App and I-Connect Portal. The I-Connect Marketing Website also provides Mentors with implementation resources to use to learn how to navigate the I-Connect Portal and support their Students in using the I-Connect App and behavior self-monitoring intervention.

  • The I-Connect Portal is for Mentors to use and create self-monitoring accounts for their Students.
  • The I-Connect App is for Students to use to monitor their behavior(s).

The App is available on the iOS Store for iPhones, iPads, and Apple desktop devices. It is also available on the Google Play Store for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and the Microsoft Store for Windows desktop devices.

 I-Connect is a research supported behavior self-monitoring intervention, it was originally developed for Students in special education classrooms but can be used by anyone, anywhere. Outside of the classroom, I-Connect is useful at home during homework or chores, at work, or even during extracurricular activities.

The I-Connect App offers features that are customizable and changeable at any time. Self-monitoring categories include the list below, and self-monitoring questions can also be customized to fit a students’ specific needs, goals, or location.

  • Engagement “Are you on task?”
  • Appropriateness “Are you appropriate?”
  • Comprehension “Do you understand?”

Mentors and Students are encouraged to set goals, create monitoring question, and choose intervals together. Student charts should be reviewed weekly with their Mentor, and together they can update questions, goals, intervals as needed to best serve Students self-monitoring progress.

I-Connect enables Students to set achievable self-monitoring goals and to monitor behavior aligned with success. Self-monitoring can establish higher levels of independence and improve academic outcomes, and the I-Connect behavior self-monitoring technology system streamlines the process!

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Download I-Connect

I-Connect is availible on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for tablets, iPads, and mobile devices.

I-Connect can also be downloaded onto desktop and laptop devices on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and Microsoft Store(Windows).

Click on an icon below to download the I-Connect App.

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Download I-Connect at the App Store on iOS mobile
Download I-Connect on Google Play Store Desktop App
Download I-Connect on the iOS App Store Desktop App
Download I-Connect on Microsoft Store for Windows Desktop Devices
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