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What is I-Connect?

I-Connect is a technology-based self-monitoring system that supports users in changing their behavior.

I-Connect is a research supported self-monitoring intervention, that simplifies paper-and-pencil monitoring with a easy to use mobile app for students and portal for teachers to track progress.

I-Connect can be used by anyone, anywhere! The app is completely customizable, providing an unlimited amount of locations to monitor in. 

I-Connect enables students and users to set achievable self-monitoring goals and to monitor behavior aligned with success. Self-monitoring can establish higher levels of independence and can improve academic outcomes!   

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Download I-Connect?

I-Connect is availible on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for tablets, iPads, and mobile devices.

I-Connect can also be downloaded onto desktop and laptop devices on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and Microsoft Store(Windows).

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